Tailored solutions for the pharma industry

At HRS Innovation, we are passionate about integrating the latest technology when producing flexible and customized solutions for the frontrunners in the pharmaceutical industry. Hygiene, quality and functionality are our cornerstones when designing products and solutions that support the work processes of employees in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our goal is to find the optimal solution to help you achieve your business goals. Our DNA is characterized by a high degree of flexibility in our solutions and factory set-up. At HRS Innovation you will find a constructive partner with many years of experience, and our team of skilled 3D designers are ready to find the right solutions for your business.

In our workflow, we take care of the project and ensure that it is delivered on time, on budget and within specifications, and we never compromise on quality. With us, every task is carried out with care and professionalism, and we take pride in facilitating our customers' development and decision-making processes in a sustainable and professional manner.

At HRS Innovation, we think holistically, creating well thought-out, cohesive and cost-effective solutions.



Equipment made in an aseptic design is characterized by its maximum cleanability. At HRS Innovation, we understand the importance of aseptic design and it's important for us to ensure that our equipment can be 100% cleaned either by machine or manually, as well as eliminating problem areas where particles and bacteria can grow.

Carefully selected materials, products and operating principles all play a role in our hygienic design, where we focus on two key guiding principles:

  • Good drainability must be ensured in all our solutions.
  • All surfaces and joints must be even, smooth and free of cracks


Paul Milligan

Jørgen Larsen




Our pharma solutions for laboratories are created with a focus on proper ergonomics and optimal working postures. Our solutions help promote usability and efficiency in the laboratory environment. In addition, we take it a step further by meeting the needs of employees and creating a workplace that supports the cutting edge of research in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our materials are carefully selected for their ease of cleaning and durability, all with the aim of creating a harmonious and efficient workplace for researchers and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.



At HRS Innovation, we embrace technological advancements and always strive to be at the forefront of the latest developments. We understand the importance of challenging traditional thinking and searching for innovative approaches, and our skilled 3D designers are passionate about integrating new technology into their work.

With HRS Innovation as your partner, you can expect a proactive attitude that aims to deliver unique and tailored solutions that support your business growth. What's more, we'll be first with the solutions when the challenges of the future come knocking.

An agile development process allows the team to define principles or solutions that can be tested by prototyping in test rigs. This way, any errors can be caught quickly and solutions can be fine-tuned until a satisfactory baseline is created.

In our modern automation processes, we combine traditional mechanical engineering with the latest technologies such as advanced robotics, vision and digitalization.

With our continued focus on innovation and technological advancement, HRS Innovation is your trusted guide to a future where tailored solutions and a proactive approach are the keys to success.