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Slagelse, Kalundborg

HRS Luftteknik offers all types of industrial ventilation and process ventilation for industrial companies. We both install and service. Industrial ventilation aims to solve problems related to process heat, toxic fumes, dust and smoke.

For many years, HRS Luftteknik has specialised in solutions that provide both a good working environment with clean air that is efficiently extracted directly at the source of pollution, and a good operating economy.


Industrial ventilation - Reducing health risks

HRS ensures that your solution complies with the Danish Working Environment Authority's requirements for reducing the impact of materials such as dust, smoke and other microorganisms. We offer to be with you all the way - from the very beginning with review of proposed solutions to industrial ventilation, measurement, installation and subsequent service of the installation.

All regulatory requirements are of course complied with, and we always base our work on the Danish Labour Inspectorate's decree on the layout of permanent workplaces and guidelines.

Laboratory Ventilation

Process exhaust and process ventilation are used to reduce health hazards by removing unpleasant or harmful substances. In most situations, standard components can be used to provide process exhaust ventilation. However, there are also cases where it is necessary to adapt suction hoods or split suction in order to achieve sufficiently effective extraction. These special items are made to measure in the HRS workshop.The ventilation here removes the contaminants where they develop, while at the same time supplying fresh air.

HRS also offers laboratory ventilation that makes high and special demands, taking into account flexibility and regulation of pressure conditions. There is always a varying load on e.g. fume cupboards in a laboratory, therefore it is necessary to set up a system with regulation of the air flows so that the balanced pressure conditions between the laboratory and the adjacent rooms are maintained.

Customer needs - industrial and process ventilation

We always tailor our solutions to the customer's needs. If a filter is needed for either swarf extraction, oil mist extraction, welding fume extraction or other harmful substances, this is adapted and dimensioned according to your needs and applicable requirements.

We always base our work on the Danish Working Environment Authority's decree on the layout of fixed workplaces and guidelines for industrial ventilation. Process ventilation is used to reduce health hazards by removing unpleasant or harmful substances. In most situations, standard components can be used to install process exhaust ventilation.



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MORTEN JESSEN Coordinator HRS Slagelse Luftteknik

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