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At HRS in Kalundborg, we offer professional CNC machining of parts in a wide range of designs and materials - a great solution if you need to produce a large series.

We have many years of experience in CNC machining and we have only the best CNC machines on the market, so you can be sure of a precise and satisfactory result if you leave your machining to us.

At HRS in Kalundborg, we always strive for a short production time, where flexibility and efficiency are paramount. In order to provide you with the best service, we therefore have many versatile and modern CNC-controlled machines that can certainly meet your company's needs. For example, we can offer CNC milling and CNC turning on our machines.

CNC machining in many different materials

When you book us for CNC machining, you are guaranteed a flexible service where we go to great lengths to meet your requirements. Our customers today come from a wide range of companies that have a need for CNC machined parts in for example steel, stainless steel, metals or plastics. We can handle small and large series - and our modern CNC machines can make series in both 2D and 3D.

CNC machining has a number of clear advantages over manual machining:

  • More efficient production - a CNC machine can produce objects quickly and identically
  • Very low level of error results
  • Ability to produce complex parts
  • A lowered unit price by the automated working process



Lasse Klausen

Coordinator / CNC Dept.


Production technician / CNC department


KENNETH STAAL EGEBECH Coordinator / CNC Dept. HRS Kalundborg Innovation

Kenneth Staal Egebech

Coordinator / CNC Dept.

Lasse Klausen Production Technician 30 66 46 94

Lasse Klausen

Production Technician / CNC Dept.