HRS A/S was established in 1980

HRS functions as an umbrella organization for a number of independent branches, each with its own specialities, - all aspects contributing to making HRS a broad-based and unique industrial supplier.

Quality workmanship

Throughout the years, HRS has won wide recognition of the quality workmanship. HRS has accumulated great experience with regard to:

- Industrial maintenance and new constructions.
- Construction materials, norms and standards.
- Up-to-date mechanical engineering and construction.

HRS is well prepared to encounter the future demands and challenges with:

- A technically and theoretically well-educated group of employees.
- An extensive, contemporary and up-to-date plant.

To HRS, the customer is of paramount importance.
Customer satisfaction is a crucial basic factor.

HRS has chosen a flat but yet dynamic organization structure.

Our Coordinators, who are close to the daily events, have been supplied with freedom and competence to make decisions and act on their own initiative within the framework of the HRS objective and the management system “Human Resource System”.