Company profile


We are confident that our employees both have the skills and the know-how, which they are willing to utilize and develop further. The Management System ”Human Resource System”, ensures that everybody is dedicated to his/her job and that all employees “bring both hearts and brains to work every day”.


We want HRS to be a challenging place to work for skilled and responsible employees and we also want to be an attractive and reliable supplier to quality conscious and economy conscious customers.


We give freedom to the employees to independently carry out their jobs in order to ensure maximum job satisfaction, but also to secure maximum value as well as the best solution to our customers.

Company culture

We aim at ensuring that the employee has close contact to the customer, in order to be able to solve possible problems promptly as and if they appear. We aim at a development of the short-term and the long-term cooperation, and at forming long-lasting relations to the advantage of both parties. Customers and employees are kept updated via our website and via Newsletters. At branch meetings, the employees are informed of the financial situation of the branch, of the volume of orders and of various plans. An open dialogue contributes to the creation of security and to forestalling any misunderstandings.

Profit and growth

The profits of HRS A/S are used for bonus for the employees and for the consolidation of the Company. Financial statements are prepared for each branch in accordance with the same model as for the parent company. Part of the branch profit is shared among the employees as bonus according to rules, determined by the employees themselves.