HRS Kalundborg

CNC Machining

Extensive CNC plant

Flexibility and efficiency are essential keywords with HRS. We aim at a short turnaround time in the production by having many versatile CNC-controlled machines at our disposal. The CNC machinery may be fed either by robots, picking up from a loading table with 200 pallets or via bar loaders.

Multi-operation machinery

Many of our production jobs are carried out on bar loaded multi-operation machines: Automatic loading, turning, drilling, milling, and threading in one operation only. Thus, a high degree of repetition accuracy as well as short turnaround times are achieved.

Our CNC customers

Due to our meticulousness and flexibility, we have established close relations to our customers. Today, the CNC customers come from many types of companies, requiring CNC machined blanks in steel, stainless steel, metals or plastic. – Both small and larger batches as well as 2D or 3D are requested.